Our History
Latium's 20 year history

We are a family business founded in Edmonton, Alberta

20 years ago, Latium was born. Everything was created from scratch by Alberta-born husband and wife team, Lori & Tony Pecorilli. Growing up in resource-rich, fast-paced Alberta, Lori & Tony noticed there was a gap in industry in regards to managing the vast amounts of vehicles and assets. Latium’s comprehensive fleet management business model was created, tested and continues to evolve to this day.

Our Edmonton, Alberta fleet management solution grew to become a multi-national company, servicing companies throughout Canada and the United States.

Latium’s original model was fleet management and consulting, and many companies quickly enjoyed the benefits and value around outsourcing this particular area of their operations. In working closely with industry, Latium was able to determine other gaps and craft even more solutions and offerings to help clients further reduce cost & risk associated with fleet & assets, inclusive of repairs & maintenance, safety, idle time, and accessories and field up fitting. To even further benefit clients, Latium took the bold step of creating proprietary GPS technology and revolutionary fleet & asset management software, with all the features and functionality clients specifically required.

From the first day to Latium’s 20th year, a strong commitment of continued enhancement, refinement and creation of solutions is forefront of Latium’s core values and promise. Latium is proud of the results achieved for our clients, and we’d love to provide the same great results to you.


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