Proactive Analysis
Stop problems before they happen.

Make your fleet data work for you

Where there’s a fleet, there will be data. Your GPS tracking and safety monitoring software produces valuable information that can be used to make your fleet run better. Through Proactive Analysis, Latium will help you make your fleet data work for you, giving you a safer, more cost-efficient fleet.

You may have heard about data mining, trending, pivot tables, telematics, behaviour modification, etc. There can be a lot of terms and jargon used when discussing your fleet data, but what does it all really mean? Latium monitors and understands your data and uses it to determine trends before problems arise. Proactive Analysis is just part of our complete fleet management system that will improve your fleet security and safety.


Example: Dealing with an aggressive driver

Do you have a problem driver that regularly drives aggressively? Not only will this cost in fines, but it will also lead to more frequent repairs and a lower resale on disposal. There are also hidden costs such as bad publicity and infectious employee behaviour that could cost many times more than a premature brake pad change.

What does this aggressive driver really cost you? 3% higher wear and tear per km, 10-15% higher fuel usage, $125,000 in lost time injury costs, $1 million+ lawsuit, news coverage. What are you willing to pay?

Latium will analyze your fleet data to inform you of these trends so you can solve the problem before it becomes one.

Find the root cause, address the root cause, and prevent it from happening again.

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