Latlogix Complete
A unique fleet management service

Latlogix Complete is our 360º fleet solution

Latlogix Complete is not a single entity, process or technology. It is the total sum of our knowledge, experience and technology. This total fleet solution is comprised of many parts:

  • Our process and understanding, start to finish to start again
  • Our Fleet Management Software
  • Our 24/7/365 call centre
  • Our trending and data analysis technology and service
  • Our GPS tracking hardware
  • Our mobile vehicle inspection application
  • Our services: Fleet Auditing, Consulting, Procurement, Disposal, Rentals, Maintenance, Detailing, Mechanical and Body Repair, Outfitting, Installation, Graphics and more.
  • And most importantly, our people!


Latlogix fits where you need it

Most engagements start with our Fleet Audit, where Latium visits a customer to review their business and their fleet needs. The information gained from the Fleet Audit helps us build a solid plan with our customers to implement real costs savings and maximize the current investments in vehicles, people and technology.

Latlogix Complete is a fleet solution that fits in where you need it. If you need a total fleet manager, we will handle it all. We can help you use your current technology more effectively or integrate new technology. If you do your own maintenance, we’ll advise on schedule adjustments, parts suppliers and live vehicle performance to make your fleet as efficient and cost conscious as it can be. Let us work with you to develop fleet management solutions that will make what you have better.

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