Case study: Suncor


In 2009, Latium was approached by a mine operator in the oilsands for assistance to better manage its fleet of mobile diesel pumps by using technology. The mine operator was aware that Latium’s proprietary hardware and software (Latlogix) also supports assets.


The mine operator needed to know the exact locations of its pumps throughout its site. It also required the data from the pumps in order to view remotely if the pumps were working and to monitor their flow readings.


This exciting project required custom software development in order to capture the location and required data from the pumps.


Using Latium’s Latlogix web based software, mine managers can now view pump locations, whether or not they’re running and the flow rates. Maintenance planners can remotely access the number of engine hours and other data in order to increase the accuracy of the preventative maintenance schedule. To date, the project has been successful, resulting in increased efficiencies. Year after year, the operation continues to receive this value.

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