Stolen Vehicle Incident #1

Case Study: Stolen Vehicle Incident 1

A customer contacted Latium requesting knowledge regarding the whereabouts of one of its vehicles. After the investigation, it turned out that the vehicle was not at our client’s office; it was in downtown Edmonton. Shortly after this notification our client determined that the truck had been stolen.

Working with authorities to retrieve the vehicle, Latium witnessed that the vehicle became mobile. Using Latlogix, Latium tracked the vehicle leaving Edmonton at a high speed. We were able to witness the vehicle making abrupt sharp turns up and down roads trying to avoid authorities. Latium was able to convey these direction changes to the police.

During the pursuit, Latium received a call from our call center notifying us that the vehicle had caused a collision. As Latium directed the police to the scene, it was observed that the vehicle went over a set of railroad tracks at a high speed which sent the vehicle into a roll resulting in the impact. Police were able to apprehend the suspects on scene.

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