Seven Lakes Oilfield
Seven Lakes Oilfield

Case study: Seven Lakes Oilfield

When Seven Lakes Oilfield came to us, our audit revealed a need for a unique program that would help them increase the safety of their fleet and centralize their fleet operations. As their consulting fleet manager, we developed a customized preventative maintenance program that did just that.


  • Seven Lakes did not have any fleet programs to monitor driver behaviour, track vehicle maintenance & repair or demonstrate provincial requirement compliance. Overall fleet costs were unknown.
  • Drivers were not maintaining their vehicles, failing to report their odometer values and driving unmonitored and unmeasured. This made it impossible to have a successful fleet strategy without a real-time GPS tracking program.
  • Latium reviewed current process flows and discovered there were no fleet programs in the organization. Senior management could not measure organizational performance.


  • Latium enforced strong fleet management principles throughout the organization by centralizing fleet operations to a single point. This included completing daily spot inspections, customizing a unique maintenance program, and designed reports to capture vehicle costs
  • Latium was able to measure the success of the program by providing detailed reports to senior management demonstrating an overall downward trend in safety exceptions.
  • Latium installed GPS across the entire organization. As a result, Seven Lakes saw an overall 90% reduction in speeding & seatbelt exceptions. In the first 6 months of implementation, Seven Lakes saw a reduction in collisions from 24 to 4 compared to the previous year.
  • Audited vehicle files for missing paperwork and errors. Latium created accurate physical vehicle files to increase overall Alberta Transportation compliance rating (CVIP, registrations & insurance documents)


At Latium, we’ll keep you safe, and we’ll keep you moving.

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