Nabors Drilling
Nabors Drilling

Testimonial: Nabors Drilling

See what Nabors Drilling has to say about Latium’s fleet management services:

“For several years now we have relied on Latium to assist us in leading our industry in safe operations of our vehicles. In addition to providing us with GPS technology, Latium’s Customer Care Centre is responsible for monitoring seatbelt usage, driving speeds and maintenance requirements. The technology is only a tool; Latium’s services are what make it work. Its out-of-the-box solution monitors our vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a vehicle is travelling at a high speed, Latium immediately makes a call to our managers. We receive weekly reports on infractions for our entire fleet, and they inform us when our vehicles require maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, Latium’s negotiated discounts save us time and money on maintenance and repairs. Latium picks up our vehicles and delivers them to the vendors. If our vehicles break down—no matter where they are—Latium’s Customer Care Centre looks after them, coordinating transport, providing rentals, overseeing the repairs and settling the bills. All we have to do is review and approve the work.” — Nabors Drilling

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