Dechen LP
Dechen LP

Case study: Dechen LP


  • Dechen had a mixed fleet of heavy equipment and light duty assets. This unique combination required Latium to design a fleet program that accommodated a range of problems.
  • Remote spot inspections would not being reviewed by the Equipment Manager and not being delivered in a timely manner. This put the equipment fleet at risk for having a mechanical failure.
  • There was no cost capturing or effective time management tools to help manage the equipment fleet. The Equipment Manager had little insight or knowledge about the current maintenance state for the fleet. The majority of maintenance items were reactive and poorly planned.


  • Latium had an initial fleet consulting project for Dechen to expose areas of organizational improvement.
  • Latium utilized our mobile spot inspection tool for Dechen employees to submit their required daily inspections digitally into our fleet software. This increased communication, streamlined operations and eliminated organizational redundancy.
  • Latium provided the Equipment Manager with daily inspection summary report identifying equipment issues and employee comments in the field.
  • Latium built a customized maintenance program that informed the Equipment Manager when assets were requiring maintenance items prior. This program captured repair costs which allowed Dechen management the ability to job cost and monitor expenses.
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