Cold Lake First Nations
Cold Lake First Nations

Case study: Cold Lake First Nations

Background: Before contacting Latium, Cold Lake First Nations was experiencing rapid growth. Because of this, fleet maintenance was becoming and afterthought, which caused maintenance costs to spiral out of control.

Goal: In 2010, Cold Lake First Nations contacted Latium for assistance in managing its fleet vehicles throughout its various business units and group of companies.  The goals associated with this project were:

  • To reduce costs associated with maintenance and repairs
  • To improve vehicle and employee safety

Strategy: Latium enhanced the fleet software with custom design, and the optimization of daily operations.  Latium also developed a preventative maintenance program, standard operating procedures for vendor performed services, implemented a PO and work order system, developed processes for vehicle inspections, damage repairs and vehicle related accidents and a procedure for fuel card use. Latium also helped Cold Lake First Nations to:

  • Implement fleet training
  • Introduce fleet software and GPS technology
  • Provide improvements to vehicle and employee safety
  • Create a driver manual
  • Implement driver orientation and a safety program

With GPS, employees were monitored 24/7/365 in case assistance was needed for vehicle support or accidents.

As Cold Lake First Nation’s businesses continued to grow at a rapid rate, and the fleet project was in its final stage of completion, Latium was also approached to place a full time Latium fleet coordinator to oversee and manage a CLFN’s division fleet during the especially busy winter months.

Result: Once the fleet plan was rolled out, there was an immediate reduction in vehicle related expenses. Because of Latium’s expert service, Cold Lake First Nations was able to reduce its repair and maintenance cost by a full 40%. Furthermore, the Cold Lake First Nations was also able to reduce its un-utilized fleet by 20%.

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