Your fleet information hub

Fleet management resources

We have built this information hub to make your fleet management tasks easier. Feel free to look through our list of documents, forms, links and other fleet management resources and make use of them. These links are for industry resources that we routinely look into to see what is happening in the industry and to look for new services that we can use to better serve our customers.

If you have found another fleet management resource that you feel would be great to share, please forward it to us via our contact form below and we’ll put it up.

Rentals and Leases
Connected Assets
Latium Mechanical Order Form
Latium New Vehicle Inspection Form
Latium Spot Inspection Form
Lplus Instruction Manual – Apple
Lplus Instruction Manual - Android
Latium's Policy for Support of New Vehicles
Latium Group of Companies
Educational Resources
NAFA Fleet Management Association
Alberta Construction Safety Association
Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations
Oil Sands Safety Association
Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors
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