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Top 8 Ways Fleet Drivers Can Use Less Fuel

Everyone associated with commercial driving or fleet management is aware that soaring fuel costs eat up a big chunk of profits, accounting for as much as one third of all operational costs. For that reason, fleet managers are always considering…

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Fleet Technology Other Than Telematics

The trucking industry has quietly taken a giant leap forward in recent years, by making use of high-tech collision mitigation systems and on-board video systems, as well as other event alarms which can signal potential driving dangers. In May of…

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Planning a Fleet Buy? Check out the upcoming 2017 Ford 3.5 Ecoboost

More torque, better mileage and a brand new 10 speed transmission!  Ford is stepping up in the truck wars with its latest powertrain combo that will debut in the 2017 F150. Not sure if this is the right truck…

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