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The best rental deal for your needs

We have a comprehensive fleet of low mileage work ready vehicles, that combined with Latium’s comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions, drive costs down and drive service levels higher than ever before. Low rental rates, plus our expertise, process and technology to maximize your savings is a winning combination.

Examples of what we have available:

  • ½ ton -1 ton trucks.  Work spec and higher
  • 3-5 ton cube vans
  • 8-15 passenger vans
  • Small – luxury SUVs
  • Quads and Side by Sides
  • Flat deck and enclosed trailers
  • Even small – full size cars…

Late model (2015-16), low mileage, outfitted and ready to work. Located in Nisku, Alberta and offering free delivery in the Edmonton area if needed.

Contact Us today at 780-955-1088 to get a free, no obligation quote.  Have a quote from a competitor already?  Send it in and let us go to work for you.

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Helping you navigate the fleet rental process

When it comes to the question of owning vs leasing vs renting for your fleet, many times renting makes a lot more sense than you may think. Typically a combination of owned vehicles (up to 5 years old) and rented vehicles for specific, chargeable project work is recommended. We’ll help you navigate the fleet rental process to make sure you get the best value.

Note that not all rentals are the same! If you have been presented with lower-than-normal rental rates, the phrase “too good to be true” can come into play. Consider the following:

  • Are you locked into a 3-month term for example? Rentals are not leases; you should never be locked into a term.
  • Are you aware of all “back end” charges such as:
    • Vehicle licensing & plating fees
    • Fuel fees upon rental return
    • Administration & mark-ups of any sorts on repairs and services
    • The hourly rate for mechanical labour and mark-up on parts
  • What level of support are you and the drivers really offered for service, support and assistance?
  • Does the contract state if the vehicle can be taken out of Alberta without written notice?
  • Are the trucks used? Do they have a lot of mileage? Are you paying for previous damage?
  • How will vehicle replacements be handled for broken down vehicles at remote locations?
  • Does your contract state, “Price to change at any given notice,” and does that concern you?
  • Does your contract allow the rental truck to be driven off road and on leases?
  • Did you read the fine print on the back of the contract regarding to how the damage repairs and reconditioning are handled and notice extra costs and a 25% diminishing fee?
  • Are you offered an analysis of your excess mileage to determine the most cost effective time to close rental contracts?
  • Does the contract state that your personal information can be used for marketing without your consent?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to vehicle rentals for your fleet. Latium can help you navigate through these choices and help determine the best solution for your company.


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