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GPS Active Monitoring: 24/7 Fleet Tracking

Latium uses 24/7 GPS fleet tracking to monitor your vehicles and make sure your drivers stay safe and your job gets done.

No doubt you have used or heard about GPS tracking technology, also called AVL (Automated Vehicle Location). It has been an effective tool at gathering data from vehicles for the last 20 years.

Did you know that there are over 3000 GPS tracking companies in North America alone? Some make their own hardware, some make their own software and some are just resellers. But they are all the same in one area: they sell you a solution and now you’re on your own. But is it the right kind of data, and what do you do when the information starts coming in?

Fleet tracking is important, but most fleet GPS implementations fail for the same reasons. Customers do not understand the data they see, do not know how to deal with it properly, or get so overwhelmed they do not deal with it at all.

Latium recognized this void in the industry a decade ago and understood how to deal with it. We have a 24/7/365 service that monitors GPS tracking technology on behalf of our customers. We use your data to minimize issues and maximize your fleet productivity.


GPS Active Monitoring keeps your business safe

Unless there is a proactive method to deal with problems, it is a case of too little too late. Our unique fleet tracking technology allows us to gather the right kinds of data and interpret it for you.

Someone driving dangerously at 3 AM? It’s not good enough to look at a report a month late;, the phone call needs to happen now before the driver has an accident. Our 24/7 fleet tracking will allow us to trend that driver and determine his behaviour and patterns.

How much additional maintenance is involved with an abused vehicle? How open is the company to a lawsuit…or worse? Latium has seen it all and knows how to deal with it before it is an issue.

With Latium’s GPS Active Fleet Monitoring, you can deal with the issue before it becomes a problem.


We can work with what you have

Even though we develop and sell our own advanced GPS tracking technology, if you’ve made an investment already and do not want to get rid of it (or cannot due to contract), we can still help you. We can monitor that technology for you, just like with ours. If it gives reliable data, we know how to deal with it.


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