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Latium is happy and proud to present our new technologies in the V2X field. Increasing efficiency and assets interaction. Regardless of the type of asset ( vehicles, sea-can, pipes, boxes, people, etc) Latium has a solution for you. Latium, with you along the way.




With you along the way

Latium offers end-to-end transportation and mobile assets technology solutions. Latium has used, designed, developed, tested, integrated and operated robust Telematic technology for Fleet Management for over 20 years. Our solution is comprehensive, partnering with the best from industry and enhancing it with our own unique blend of analytics tools and customized services to maximize your productivity and lower your total cost of operations.

We can help with any asset management challenge, including strategy, operations, GPS tracking, behavior management, safety and compliance. We are available 24/7/365, so you always have Latium by your side.

Proven success with customers just like you.

With Seven Lakes Oil Field, we reduced speeding, seatbelt exceptions, and collisions with our customized preventative maintenance program.

Latium has been helping Ensign with their fleet management for 20 years. Our Latlogix technology and total fleet management service has helped them increase productivity and maintain a safer fleet.

For years, Latium has been helping Nabors Drilling handle their fleet. See what they have to say about how Latium's 24/7 services has saved them time and money.

In 2009, Latium was approached by a mine operator in the oilsands for assistance to better manage its fleet of mobile diesel pumps. Using Latium’s Latlogix web based software, mine managers can now view all the information they need about their diesel pumps. To date, the project has been successful, resulting in increased efficiencies.

Before contacting Latium, Cold Lake First Nations was experiencing rapid growth. Because of this, fleet maintenance was becoming an afterthought, which caused maintenance costs to spiral out of control.

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